We help companies and executives break away from the pack & drive business results with influential thought leadership, strategic storytelling, and a holistic approach to content.

We're ready to make magic on your behalf.

Our team of strategists, researchers, writers, educators, and analysts, is on standby to help you drive results with a bespoke intelligent influencing strategy. Fill out the form below or contact us at hello@intellence.co

    Welcome To Intellence

    We offer thought leadership, strategic communications, and high-impact content marketing services that drive business results over the long-term.

    There’s a reason why “every company is becoming a media company.” People want to be educated and informed, not sold to.

    Whether you’re a startup, VC firm, large corporation, or business leader, premium thought leadership captures attention, boosts credibility & trust, and positions you as the go-to authority in your field. Real thought leadership shapes perception and creates a sustainable, long-term flywheel that helps you stand out, win mindshare, win deals, and win clients. 

    Most business leaders understand this. They know that in today’s information age, success comes from intelligently and consistently influencing clients, partners, regulators, and other stakeholders. But they don’t always have the right internal resources to do it well, if at all.

    We can help. We’re intellence  the intelligent influence company.

    What our clients experience

    More inbound opportunities
    Differentiated positioning
    Increased win rates
    Lower acquisition costs
    Faster growth
    Shorter decision cycles
    Stronger brand reputation
    Enhanced credibility
    Improved marketing ROI

    Our process

    Discovery & Alignment

    Our work begins with understanding your priorities, strengths, and opportunities, and aligning around your business objectives. We also evaluate your current positioning in the market and the available vectors for differentiation.

    Research & Planning

    We then scour all available resources on you, your sector, & your competitors, interview stakeholders (where applicable), and formulate a strategy to develop an influence flywheel that exploits opportunities within the competitive landscape.

    Production & Execution

    After developing a bespoke strategy, we execute it in collaboration with your team. We produce a variety of deliverables and assets designed to turn your influence flywheel and begin to establish your brand as a trusted authority.

    Activation & Analysis

    It doesn’t matter how strong the ideas or how influential the content if no one sees it. We help you get in front of your desired audience, while reviewing and refining what isn't working and repurposing what is.


    Our mission is to help you succeed over the long-term.

    While getting your story told in front of the right audiences is certainly important, it's not enough. As the marketplace gets increasingly crowded, people not only need to know who you are and what you do, they need to know how you're different and why and when to choose you. It's time to go beyond the press release — that's where intelligent influence comes in.

    But intelligent influence and thought leadership are ongoing processes. They're not one-and-done launch or fundraising announcements. Successfully owning a position as the go-to authority in your field is a continual effort, but it's one that pays off handsomely.

    At intellence, we help you go beyond event- and campaign-driven activities to a more strategic, targeted, and holistic approach that consistently reinforces your business priorities and enables you to win mindshare in your desired zone of influence over the long-term.


    We design and execute high-impact thought leadership, targeted communications, and content marketing strategies that build credibility, authority, and influence, and drive immediate & long-term business results for our clients.

    Our team of strategists, researchers, writers, educators, and analysts work to help you achieve specific objectives, including:
    • Brand Awareness (short-form articles, long-form deep dives, conference presentations, keynotes, market education, etc.)

    • Lead Generation (e-books, whitepapers, reports, guides, landing page optimzation, etc.)

    • Product Marketing (knowledge base articles, case studies, marketing scripts, website audits, product launch strategy, etc.)

    • Sales Enablement (narrative/pitch strategy, case studies/client teasers, product demo decks, training materials, competitive intelligence briefs, email templates, etc.)

    • Partner/Regulator Engagement (narrative strategy, landscape review, impact case studies, sector reports, etc.)

    • Investor/LP/Syndicate Engagement (progress updates, investment thesis communications, sector deep-dives, company/product spotlights, etc.)

    • Public Relations (press releases, launch campaigns, marketing copy, media distribution, etc.)

    • Executive Visibility (social media strategy, essays/op-eds, keynotes/roundtables/fireside chats, strategic storytelling, etc.)

    We focus primarily on companies and individuals working in innovation/tech.

    Our regional expertise is in Africa and across other growth/emerging markets.

    And we have a specialty in helping B2B companies influence decision-makers, but we do equally impactful work for investors seeking to differentiate themselves and for B2C companies seeking to simplify complex ideas and communicate their value proposition and use cases clearly and concisely.

    (We’re adherents of the Feynman Technique.)

    We believe that success in business over the long-term is driven by durable business moats that are developed & strengthened by strategic positioning in the marketplace and differentiation from peers.

    As such, we ‘go beyond the press release’ and focus not on event- and campaign-driven communications but rather on building an intelligent influence flywheel that helps shape perception, boosts business results, and endows a competitive advantage over the long run.

    Most businesses don’t do everything in-house. They might outsource cloud computing to AWS, payment processing to Stripe (or Flutterwave), team communications to Slack, customer support workflows to Zendesk, and so on.

    The fastest growing businesses focus and double-down on their core competencies while leaving important but peripheral activities to the experts.

    While it’s well established that thought leadership, strategic storytelling, and holistic content marketing can drive breakthrough business outcomes, they are rarely core, internal competencies for innovative firms and business leaders.

    But they are for us. It’s what we do. We’re the intelligent influence experts.

    Intelligent influence is the next great marketing & communications revolution, pioneered by intellence.

    It’s consistent, strategic business content designed to persuade audiences and sway decision-makers over the long-term.

    Some of our clients have called it ‘business brainwashing’ and while that language might be somewhat abrasive, it’s evocative of the impact our bespoke thought leadership and strategic content marketing services have in the marketplace.

    “The basic economic resource – the means of production – is no longer capital, nor natural resources, nor labor. It is and will be knowledge.”

    — Peter Drucker

    Let's talk.

    We're ready to make magic on your behalf.

    Our team of strategists, researchers, writers, educators, and analysts, is on standby to help you drive results with a bespoke intelligent influencing strategy. Fill out the form below or contact us at hello@intellence.co